Actions of the Privileged

Every so often something happens that not only reminds us of the failures of men but the corruptible nature for which we strive to achieve more and more each day.  An event so amazing in its creation that it repeats past mistakes but makes the blow out even larger and more devastating than it was.

So is the article titled “Probe of silencers leads to web of Pentagon secrets” written by The Washington Post.  An article which is 3 plus pages long and filled with stuff straight from the minds of Hollywood.  In it, we find an agency whose creation was to help keep this nation honest and fair in its dealings but because of staffing it with those of privilege, has become a cloak and dagger, want-to-be police of the world.  These former leaders of real men wearing brass on their shoulders had been allowed to act like a country within a country.  They have been allowed to make their own rules and live by their own standards without any kind of visible check and balances.  It is remembrance of the Iran-Contra Deal before it blow up and Oliver North, in the eyes of the media, became a hero for falling upon the sword.   

In the article it is reported that “Capping an investigation that began almost two years ago, separate trials are scheduled this month in U.S. District Court in Alexandria, Va., for a civilian Navy intelligence official and a hot-rod auto mechanic from California who prosecutors allege conspired to manufacture an untraceable batch of automatic-rifle silencers.  The exact purpose of the silencers remains hazy, but court filings and pretrial testimony suggest they were part of a top-secret operation that would help arm guerrillas or commandos overseas.  The silencers — 349 of them — were ordered by a little-known Navy intelligence office at the Pentagon known as the Directorate for Plans, Policy, Oversight and Integration, according to charging documents. The directorate is composed of fewer than 10 civilian employees; most of them retired military personnel.  Court records filed by prosecutors allege that the Navy paid the auto mechanic — the brother of the directorate’s boss — $1.6 million for the silencers, even though they cost only $10,000 in parts and labor to manufacture.”

Just this fact alone should make many of us begin to question why this government has been spending so much money for so many years, then ask ourselves why this is finally making it to the light of day and what prevented us from doing this years ago.  We need to question why there were no major changes after the Iran-Contra incident and if those who were truly responsible was ever held to account or was just re-located and kept receiving their paychecks.  The debacle and dismantling of a nation is never the fault of one or two but the fault of us all when we stop trying to stay on the path of making this nation a more perfect union and only use information and events like this to make our own selfish points or target just one or two of those who may not agree with us.


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