Congress really lives up to their name and definition

I was sitting back one day ranting and raving about how the public has allowed those in congress to get away with not doing their jobs while they have been less than understanding with the Obama Administration.  I could not understand how those elected to congress could tell so many lies on the campaign trail and never be forced by the public to live up to just one of them while this president is on a roll to accomplish every goal he set for himself in the years he has been in office.  It was when I decided to take a breath that my wife stepped in to ask me a couple of questions.

The first was did I know what the definition of the word congress was.  Of course I didn’t so my answer was no but after she told me, I began to see why possibly the American public may be giving congress a pass.  She informed me that the definition of congress is a group of baboons.  Now while that may sound mean to some, think about it for a few minutes.  A group which appears to be leaderless with no true sense of direction and purpose.  Groups that can be quite vicious at times but mostly just sit around and do nothing.  Sounds familiar?

Her next question was if I knew what the word bureaucrat meant and of course again my answer was no.  Her information about the meaning of bureaucrat made very clear to me that we were describing the very same people that I was ranting about.  The definition she gave me was an official who works by fixed routine without exercising intelligent judgment.  With the current state of actions taken by those to fix the issues of this nation that they were sent to do, one has got to surmise that this definition is accurate.  Fighting over which party is best to lead while doing nothing to show the American public why they feel that one party is better than the other at the jobs we elected them to do.


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