Child Support, a State -Sponsored Scam

Many people believe that the best way to show you love your children is through money and states have even gone as far as to make sure that they get in on that act as well.   Apparently all men who do not pay child support do so because they are deadbeats and the only excuse they use is the excuse of being unemployed. So what really happens to that money which falls in arrears?

State legislators have an answer for that and in collaboration with the courts; they have designed a system where even if you do not have a job, they can still place the stone of a deadbeat around your neck.  It doesn’t matter if you are unemployed because now some states are allowed to slap you with child support based on a 40 hour work week at minimal wage.  Now if you still can’t force an employer to hire you, they take it a few steps more by having the state revoke your driving privileges and make a derogatory entry on your credit report.  Don’t know what highly educated person came up with this but it is law and even though they have made it that much harder to land and keep a job, it is even more difficult to exercise any other option available because if it has any potential job has anything to do with the need for your credit to be ran, your chances of securing that job just flew out of the window.

Maybe one day, those who made these rules will be forced to see that children could care less about how much money you make and their only true desire is to have you in their lives.  Yes, they will ask for things and they will need things but money never will replace the abundant of joy a child receives when they are able to spend just a few minutes with an absent parent.  The lessons that they learn from being around that parent and the happiness that it brings is priceless.  Reminds me of the story I heard about a conversation between a father and son when the son asked how much money the father made an hour and finally saved up enough money to buy one hour of his daddy’s time.

We need to ask ourselves if money is what we will be looking to hold close to our chests as we lay on our death beds about to take our last breath or would we prefer our family.  Those who think money and ruining any chance for a man to raise his family standard of living is all that matters to a child will soon discover that what they thought they were doing to help only managed to do more harm than good.  But I guess it is not them who will suffer so it really doesn’t matter.  The true sufferer will be the children but I guess this would only matter if those children were theirs.


  1. SOunds like a sob story for men. True being a parent includes a lot more than $ support but it sure is part of the responsibility of parenting a child. For children, who paternity has been established, both parents (mother and father) should be held accountable for the $ part of raising a child. I am so sick of hearing dads who aren't involved in other ways cry about part of their paychecks being taken. Where do you think the mom's paycheck (min wage @ 40 hrs goes)? I guarantee a momma gets her check and out of her hands it flies for her kids. The most optimal situation would be a dad that provided all the components of a parent (invested time, money, involvement, life lessons etc.) but if ya can't do the others that I agree count for me the least you could do is $ to help ease the financial burden and stress.


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