What if all that we know or think we know is wrong?

In the beginning God created the heavens and earth and all that was in it and on the seventh day, he rested.  What if this was the only truth that we have and the rest of everything else that we have been told as children and reinforced to us as adults is wrong?  Things like how and why this world was formed adding how the universe was created and all that we know.  I woke up this morning with this thought on my mind and the more I thought about it, the more things began to make sense.  Now I know exactly what many of you are saying who may be reading this.  You are worried that I have been inhabited by some alien being or Satan to mislead you.  If that is what you believe than that’s okay, you are free to believe whatever you wish.  But make no mistake, I am not here to mislead you, I am here to get you to thinking about all things man-made and question the motives and actions of all of us especially of yourself.  Listen to what I've got to say, and then make up your own mind.  Don’t wait on others to tell you what to think, think for yourself.  Pick up your Bible and attempt to verify what is being said instead of looking to the very cause of our demise for your answer.

The newest argument now is that the Bible was written by man who is now being used to give people pause and they are right.  The Bible was written by man but what is missing is why.  Some say it is because God wanted us to know what was coming to a certain point in order to keep us in line and to that I now must disagree.  I believe the Bible was created for those of us who are courageous enough to think for ourselves, reason and read so that we may not see what is going to happen but what has already happened.  So that we can learn from the mistakes of man in the past and not repeat them today.  So when we are faced with a difficult decision, we have a place to go to which can tell us what decision was made then to compare with but most importantly because he knew that leaving our education of history up to Satan would be a very big mistake because he will never tell the truth about anything.

What if the heroes we celebrate like King Arthur, Sir Lancelot, Eric the Red and all those we attribute the formation of this world to were not the heroes man wishes us to believe, What if those who truly formed this nation were those of the highest religious faith standing next to the king and having the power and influence over them to suggest his every move.  What if, at that particular time, Satan held dominion over religion and was able to manipulate people and keep his thumb on the scale by use of his second best weapon of money, power and wealth.  What if those who say that they speak for God were never speaking for God but for Satan and themselves?  Remember how well those trusted counselors like Merlin lived.  Hollywood makes it appear that he lived in squalor but he was King Arthur’s number one, you really think he wanted for anything?  What if religion has been the driving force behind all things that has occurred here on this earth and with it a clear path to the souls of every man, woman and child for Satan to travel because if there is one thing besides money that people will sell their souls for, it would be religion.

What if the true virus that is destroying the world is not cancer or even Ebola?  What if the truest threat to this universe, the people and all things in it is man’s propensity to do evil?  What if we are really the problem, which may explain why John Kennedy said that all problems can be fixed by man because all problems are man-made?  What if we are the cancer that plague this land and kills everything in our path?  The Indians were killing each other before anyone else arrived, then they began to be killed because none of the tribes banded together to form a larger more formidable group.  The buffalo was doing great until greed appeared and the land grab of many who grabbed more land than they could farm which is why slavery was invented to help them keep the land they had already stolen from others.  The more land you had the more influence you garnered and with that came rules and regulations designed by those who were well off.  Out of all these “fore-fathers” do not recall one who came from the poor side of the tracks.  If I am not mistaken they were all from influential families, lawyers and those considered the crème-de-le-crème of society.  What if we are the problem?

Today, the rich get richer and no one seems to care except when its election time, people tend to protest too much but a few days after that, we all go back to our same old dried up corners of the world and re-bury our heads in the sand.  Today, man’s desire for more and everything that they can get their hands on grows and now even the animals suffer.  These same creatures that was created to share this world with us.  These same creatures that were placed here to help provide us with protein are being pushed out of their homes so that we can take over more land.  We say we need to spread out because there are too many of us here so nothing else matters as long as we get what we want.  Some say that man is at the top of the food chain so we make the rules and everything else must abide.  What if we are the problem?

We create most issues and instead of dealing with it we allow it to fester and grow.  After it grows too large to hide, we then begin to try and do something with it but it’s been too long ago to remember exactly how it started.  We should know how it started because if we know that, then we can fix it but we don’t and no one seems to care to even find out.  It grows so large that it spills over into our neighbor’s yard and instead of us banding together with that neighbor to fix it, we tend to pretend that maybe that’s where the problem originated.  There is no more what if we are the problem, hell we are the problem.  Our propensity to do evil is the problem; we love to proclaim ourselves as something that we are only on special occasions and not something we are all the time.  Maybe on Monday I will be nice to you but on Tuesday, I shall destroy you, how civil and mature is that.  We are the problem and until we all stop pretending that it is everyone else but us, we will remain the problem.  We were told that this is what we know but is it really?


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