Past Adventures of Hunter Biden dashes hopes of ever seeing a President Biden

Sometimes the decision whether a politician will run for anything is not left up to them but sometimes members of their family.  This may just be the story of why America will never see a President Joe Biden in the White House.  It will not be because Joe Biden would not make a good president nor is it because Joe Biden could not win; it is simply because of events which even though are outside of his control can be played quite well as events that he could have controlled.  Perception can be a very cruel mistress.

The final straw could possibly be found in this article titled “Sources: Hunter Biden leaves Navy after drug test” written for the Associated Press in which it states that “ Hunter Biden, the youngest son of Vice President Joe Biden, has been kicked out of the military after testing positive for cocaine, two people familiar with the matter said Thursday.  The Navy said that Biden, a former lobbyist who works at a private equity firm, was discharged in February — barely a year after he was selected for the part-time position as a public affairs officer in the Navy Reserve. Citing privacy laws, the Navy did not give a reason for the discharge, which was not disclosed until it emerged in the media on Thursday.  Because he was 42 at the time, he needed a special waiver to be accepted. Cmdr. Ryan Perry, a spokesman for the Navy, said Biden had been assigned to the Navy Public Affairs Support Element East, based in Norfolk, Virginia.  The terms of Biden's separation from the Navy were unclear. Typically, military members discharged for failing drug tests don't receive an honorable discharge.  In a statement released by his attorney, Biden said he respected the Navy's decision and was moving forward with his family's love and support. He did not give a reason for his discharge.  "It was the honor of my life to serve in the U.S. Navy," Biden said. "I deeply regret and am embarrassed that my actions led to my administrative discharge.”  “The vice president's office declined to comment. Hunter Biden's attorney didn't respond to inquiries about whether Biden had used cocaine.”

I can hear the questions now, they will not be about Joe Biden’s unparalleled ability to cross the aisle nor will it be about his extensive experience and knowledge of foreign affairs.  The questions will center around hos how son was granted a waiver to join the military with his past of cocaine usage and they will be about how he was able to get a discharge that many others discovered to have used cocaine within the military structure would never get.  These questions would be fast and furious and no matter how they were answered, they would keep coming similar to the Benghazi and IRS questions.  But the most damaging questions may come as a result of another adventure young Biden has been reported to have accomplished in the very same article mentioned above.  It reports that Hunter Biden has joined a Ukrainian Oil Board of Directors which tosses more fuel on the fire and possibly put Joe Biden in a place with no return. 

No one will seem to care that young Biden lost someone so close to him that when that happens we often lose a lot of ourselves.  They will not care about the internal turmoil that he may be suffering from and the lack of help he has received because those who call themselves helping cannot really connect to the pain he is enduring.  No one will care because it is not about people as human beings; it’s about opportunity to elevate oneself.


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