Why Saudi Arabia is not willing to get more involved against ISIL

So much has been made by the media as to why larger more ample forces in the Islamic World does not wish to get more involved with defeating ISIL.  I am quite surprised that many of them are not saying what Vice-President Joe Biden has said about those Islamic countries but then why should they.  They already have a scapegoat in Barack Obama so like many police forces, once you have a primary suspect why search for anyone else.  Just gather enough innuendo and speculations to support your position even if and when many of those have been dispelled.

The question is why Saudi Arabia which was described by Senator Bernie Sanders in his interview with Candy Crowley on CNN as “Saudi Arabia is the fourth largest defense spender in the world,” he pointed out. “They have an army which is probably seven times larger than ISIS; they have a major air force. Their country is run by a royal family worth hundreds of billions of dollars.”  They appear to be a major player in the Islamic World and so the question remains why?

I think it’s very simple.  The language being used by ISIL when it comes to justifying their role is the same followed closely by many of those same Islamic countries we are attempting to enlist in their defeat.  They were rumored to have supported them and maybe still are which would lead us to that old saying of never biting the hands that feed you.  ISIL is pushing the very beliefs that many of those currently in power believe and if they believe it, fighting to defeat ISIL would go against that belief.

Saudi Arabia has been reported to be a primary driving force behind the Iraq war with the Bush Administration and stood behind the scenes pulling America’s strings.  Now that we have a more thoughtful and careful president who is really not willing to shoot first and ask questions later, this same behind the scenes stringing is not working so well.  ISIL does not care about Islam nor does it care about religion, it is about hiring talented fighters and those who care more about themselves than anything else to carry out a dream that many in power in these Islamic States want. 

Ask an ISIL fighter what they think about equal rights for all sexes and the teachings of Ali about peace then compare those answers to those currently in power of these Islamic countries.  I think you will see clear evidence that they are one and the same.  There is only one God regardless of what name you give him, the Islamic Mohammad is the same as our Moses and like America, those who still cling to the Old Testament as a guide to how we should live would be better serve to educate themselves that we as God’s children are no longer guided by the Old Testament which is all about vengeance but the New Testament which is all about forgiveness.  We still have those who will never relinquish their hold on sticking to the old covenant just like there are those in the Islamic World who will never relinquish theirs.  The only difference is many of those holding on to that is not in a position of real leadership in this country but they are still in the Islamic World.  Until a change in that situation occurs, groups like ISIL will always have a place even if it’s secret and not as public as they have become.


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