No One in America is Free and Liberated

You say that you live in a free and just society but you lie.  This society is not free and it is definitely not just unless you count the numerous times when the rules favored you or an event happened to satisfy your need.  If you count those times then perhaps you may have a point but I ask you.  When the rules favored you or that event happened to satisfy your need, how then is society free and just if during those times those same rules or that same event was unjust or binding to another.  Unless you wish to redo your calculations of what free and just really mean but only to you and now say that this society is free and just whenever the rules favor you or an event happen to satisfy your need and to hell with everyone else.  Then perhaps you may have a point.

I vocalize this rant to try and get as many people to see that the old saying holds true.  The old saying is “we are our brothers and sisters keeper”.  Whether you wish to admit it or not, whether you wish to embrace it or not and whether you want to own it or not.  Every decision that each of us makes, as an individual, will and does affect another person either directly or indirectly.  This decision will affect another human being whether they reside next door or in the next town, hell maybe in the next state.  Our society is not free and just because what maybe just to you, might not be just to me.  The only real free anything we have is “will” but even that freedom cost someone something.   Free will cost Jesus Christ his earthly life.

We are not a free society because as long as a judge is able to limit our movements by incarceration, we are not free.  We are not a free society as long as lawmakers are able to make laws which restrict our movements, we are not free.  We are not a free society if rules, regulations and laws are enact which can limit, if not, completely revoke even something as simple as the right to vote, we are not free.  We are not a free society if the style of religion we choose to follow has rules that dictate what we have to do in order to claim that title, we are not free.  

We are not a just society if the rules establish reports to help save us from ourselves are not the choice we choose to make.  If it is my intention or desire to be lazy, worthless and a burden upon society then so be it.  This choice will affect others yes, but it will affect me more especially when this intention or desire is made so transparent that it even become clear to me.  There are those who may appear lazy, worthless and a burden upon society but they are truly not.  Many have experienced something unknown to all but familiar to some which has them suspended in this animation.  All they require is the knowledge to break free or a hand to help them out.  Many of those who may at first glance seem lazy, worthless and a burden will use that assistance to step up and step out of that hole, but in such an unjust society that we have formed for ourselves, only those who look a little deeper will ever see it.  We are not a just society if the rules which are supposed to be designed to protect the many actually were designed to covet and protect the few.

Contrary to what may feel best, we need to come to terms with this nation not being as free and just as we would like to believe.  This society that we have is constantly evolving and we really can make it free and just but there will be costs.  Those with so much will be asked to give up some and those with little will be given the responsibility of more.  Each of these groups will have their own personal demons to keep at bay but the real question shall be are they willing to make the necessary decisions to make our union a more perfect one or are they content to just get all that they can before they lose their earthly life?


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