How Favoritism and Nepotism are Killing Businesses

We often hear some businesses talk about bringing in some new blood because the ideas which might have launched and kept the company going are now drying up.  It is believed by many that this concept is best described when it is said to be  “thinking outside of the box”, but what they do not know is the very same blood that they attempt to infuse is the very same blood that has been there all this time.

I speak of sons and daughters who step in to take the place of another who happens to be the parent or family of the one that they replace.  Back in the day, recruiters used to travel around and talk to different people of different backgrounds to compose the company of diverse individuals who can coordinate and compromise on fresh ideas.   That appears to only be the actions of scouts who search for athletes and not what real business recruiters do.  Business owners have been lulled into a false sense of believing that if the father or mother was an excellent worker, then the same will be and should be with the child.  I think we are beginning to understand just how false that is today.

Business expands not because of its vision of the future but because their customers are happy with their products and or services and because they are receiving fresh, new ideas that makes sense from those same people’s prospective.  Businesses grow not because of that genius you just hired from some Ivy League School but because somewhere along the line he or she caught on to an idea that works and works well. 

As long as I know that I can always take the place of another person in a position that I wish to one day occupy, I have no desire to actually take an interest in advancing any company.  It’s only when I am aware that to move up, I've got to create a vision, product, idea that will help propel my company with the same force that it should propel me upwards.  Makes sense to me but then I am just a layman and I could be wrong.


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