The Strength of ISIL

No matter how many times I say this, it appears to go unheard in our massive but small community of readers and seekers of knowledge.  One can only assume that those who need to read articles like this are not or are simply refusing to accept what is said.

The question still remains the confusion of how a group that many call a group of rag-tag radicals can operate in such an efficient military manner.  There are those who still cannot fathom how this is possible.  Well once again, let us attempt to make it clear.  You can operate in an efficient military manner if you are able to secure and enlist the help of those with military proficiency in their background.  All you need to do is offer them enough money to sell you their very souls and even give up their lives.  See, many who fight for ISIL or other groups, do not truly care about their philosophy, they only care about the number of trips to the bank that they can make.  The old saying “everyone has a price” is proven true here.  Offer anyone enough money and many will choose to do whatever you ask of them as long as they can see what is in it for them.

A true patriot is in it for the cause and care less about money than someone who ask you to provide them with an incentive.  Activists normally take up causes that they are passionate about and if they can make a living doing so then so be it but the true ones will continue to fight without the enticement of money.  This is not the case with those who leads the units of ISIL.
If you wish to reduce ISIL to the rag-tag group many wish that they truly were, then the number one thing you must remove is the money.  If those who care nothing about any other human being except for themselves or those who think like them cannot get paid, they will not fight.  The only true defeat to any enemy is to first know them.  Learn their motivation instead of attaching one to them, and then remove that motivation.  Many of those leading ISIL could care less about what they say they want and will not remain if the incentive is gone.

Cowards always hide behind the scene, behind masks and deep within the crowds.  Thin out the crowds, ripe down the curtain and remove the masks and you will see that many who are now discovered will quickly disappear.  These are not true activists but fake pretenders who will 


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