We Are Indeed Our Brothers and Sisters Keeper

For years we have been under a false impression, that the choices that we make as individuals only affect the decision maker or maybe those close to them but we are wrong.  Every decision we make will affect another person whether it is our intent or not.  This is why we must consider each and every decision we make and prepare ourselves to be ready to take responsibility for that decision.

As human beings, we have a built in defense to even considering how our decision affects others and that is the defense that they are not us, they do not know us, they don’t look like, talk like, or act like us and especially they are not my brothers and sisters.  All of these excuses are wrong and it should be made clear that when we speak of brothers and sisters, we are not talking about man’s definition of brothers and sisters, we are simply talking about God’s definition of brothers and sisters.  In God’s definition, all human beings are our brothers and sisters because we all have the same father.  If we could bring ourselves to forsake Satan’s design of who we think we are and just embrace the fact that we are connected in no other way than having the same father, maybe then, just maybe we can begin to treat each other as family instead of enemy or stranger.

Ever since Adam and Eve took a bite of that forbidden fruit, they bounded all humans coming after them to sin.  We did indeed become a slave to sin.  In some instances it might have been better because since there was no real and true way to remove those shackles and we truly did have an excuse to not care about the effects of any choice or decision we made, but that was then.  Being a slave to sin was when we all were under the covenant of the Old Testament but was saved because God hated losing so many of his children through vengeance and desired another way.  The new way became the Good News and made way for a new covenant, one in which we were released from those chains.  The new way is the New Testament delivered by his son Jesus Christ but cost him his earthly life.    We now live in a time where we can choose which way we wish to go in our individual lives and we are no longer a slave to sin, so we can elect not to sin and control the number of touches sin gets to taint our souls.  This is why, each and every decision we make will affect another person whether we mean it to or not.  No one is asking you to do anything but consider first your actions before taking them and once you have exercised your God-given to decide, be willing to take responsibility for that decision. 

Yesterday, I was involved in a car crash.  It resulted in about $10,000 damages to her car and totaled mine.  Neither of us exited our vehicles yelling, kicking and screaming at one another because we knew it was an accident.  That is why they call them vehicle accidents because otherwise they would call them vehicle “on-purposes”.  I wondered how many times had I crossed that intersection and at no time ever figured it to be a crash zone for me.  I wondered how many times she crossed that same intersection and wondered the same thing.  I wondered why this happened to me and I am sure she wondered the same.  My final thought is that this may be the one and only time that I would meet my sister who crashed with me and it gave me an opportunity to show her the kind of care and compassion that God showed me by sacrificing his son. 


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