My how the Might have Fallen

If you wish to know just how powerful Satan is look no further than this article written for Cop Block titled “CUYAHOGA FALLS POLICE: CIVIL FORFEITURE OF ALMOST 800K”  in it is reported “On Thursday they posted on their Facebook page about an arrest they made of a local barber. After the arrest was made, a search warrant was conducted at the home of the person who was arrested. During that search warrant officers discovered a large deal of cash in the residents safe.  Cuyahoga Falls Police officers and local media outlets are calling this find the largest drug bust in the city’s history. The only problem is no drugs were found. At least no mention of drugs has been made by anyone involved in the investigation.  The owner runs a barber shop which is an all cash business.  He makes $70,000.00 a year and he only spends $30,000.00 each year that leaves him with $40,000.00. He has been a very successful barber for over 20 years. That explains the large sum of money in his home. Just because he keeps his money in a safe instead of a bank doesn’t make him a drug dealer.  The City of Cuyahoga Falls is already discussing how the city will receive 2/3 of the money they recovered and what they will purchase with it. This is not their money! This man has been stripped of everything he has worked his entire life for.”

These things have been happening for years and no one has said or tried to do anything about it which makes those who conduct this type of activity feel as though they are justified and those around them so afraid of stepping up that they just act like a beaten slave and go along to get along.  I, personally, am so tired of hearing crap like this going on but you can only educate people about Satan so often before you begin to say it’s time to shake the dust from my feet and move on.  Why they choose him, only God knows but why we sit around and don’t vote or do all that we can about it, only we know.  Be it made clear here America, you can sit on your hands and your spine if you choose to but in the end, when all that is done in the dark is brought to light, you will have to pay for your inaction.  Hope you are ready for it.


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