Judge shows true disdain for women must make his mother proud

I have heard plenty of times how those who are supposed to leave personal feelings at home and not bring them to work are able to do it.  Well this judge clearly cannot and my only question now is, how he was able to hide this and get his seat on the bench.

In an article titled “Judge scolds Atlanta attorney for showing up in court with her baby” by Brigid Schulte for The Washington Post, she reports on a situation where a judge denied a pregnant attorney/mother the luxury of taking care of family first so that she could be more professional at her job.  The article reports that “in September, Stacy Ehrisman-Mickle, an immigration attorney in Atlanta, agrees to take a new case. She learns a preliminary hearing has already been set for October, when she expects to be on her six-week maternity leave. Not to worry, she tells her clients, two other judges in two other cases have granted her requests to delay hearings. She’s sure theirs will as well.  He doesn't.  Instead, Judge J. Dan Pelletier Sr. writes “No good cause,” according to an account by the Associated Press.  Ehrisman-Mickle winds up bringing her four-week old with her to court, strapped to her chest in a baby carrier. When the baby starts to fuss, Pelletier scolds her for being unprofessional.”

No time is more precious than the times spent with your child whether new born or adult and even a crusty old judge should know that.  I mean, he is asked to be reasonable and consider equality in the only place that many Americans have for equal justice.  What this says to me is not only did he miss out on nurturing from his mother but he sees women in a completely different light than those in his position should see anyone who steps foot in the court room.

Reminds me of a story where this lady could not find a decent babysitter so she brought her child to a job interview.  Unknown if she got the job but having to bring your child in order to raise your standard of living should be much more embraced.  Both these cases are a heck of lot better than the ones where the child was left in the car or is that where we are headed since we cannot seem to stop such demons as this judge from achieving a position where he can dictate choices like these.


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