Child Exploitation begins at Home

Romans chapter 6 verse 20 says “when you are a slave to sin, you are free from obligation to do right,” so could this be why many of us refuse to even consider that what we are doing or about to do is wrong.  If we can convince ourselves that what we are doing or thinking about doing is justified, then we can convince ourselves that we are free from doing right even though in our hearts, mind, body and soul we question it.  If it has never been brought to our attention that what we are doing or thinking about doing is wrong then how could this be a clear indication that we are a slave to sin but if it has and it gets us to thinking but we still proceed is this proof that we have chosen to remain a slave. 

You wish to break free from sin and stop being a slave to any man or anything but most of us do not know how.  We try and try but still we fail to rid ourselves of sin and when we are overtaken by it, we feel embarrassed to own it by confessing it which leads us to defending the very action, we ourselves know was wrong.  So how do we break free?  First know that what you don’t know makes it easier to accept making that mistake and because you didn’t know, you must then forgive yourself for that mistake because I think God has already.  It’s when you know or have been told that this action may be wrong before you commit it is when you need to humbly ask for forgiveness and try as hard as you can not to repeat the same mistake.  Don’t get it twisted, we are sinners and we will make mistakes, the key is to own it as soon as you become aware of it and make every attempt not to repeat it.  I say all this to set up my thoughts on the title of this piece.

Ever heard a parent says that they became a parent to trap someone, to hold on to someone, to extend his legacy or have someone to carry on his name?  Do these sounds like the right reasons to become a parent?  How about having kids to get a bigger government check?  How about having kids to help around the house, in the fields or on the job?  How about looking to that child to display some sort of major talent so that they can become the real breadwinners?  How about searching for that talent that will make your child, grandchild or family famous so that you can attach yourself to their coat tails?  These thoughts, and so many more, are often the brain child of parents, grandparents, guardians, or caretakers of children who then find themselves trying to live through these children.  Not really paying any attention to what they may want to be or who because once we begin the search for which child will make us rich, it’s no longer about them and all about us.  We dress them in expensive clothes hoping to receive some sort of accolade or applause.  We make sure that they get the best education because we want others to see them as an extension of us and if they are successful then maybe we can feel successful too.  Maybe they can sing, dance or look cute so we plaster everything with their photos of all kind never once thinking about those with ill intent that may see those photos and get sinister ideas.  We placed our children out there and place them in more potential danger than we ever know but its okay because we have forgotten that the life God gave them is theirs but because they are our kids, we've taken over their lives and turned it into ours. 

Now is pasting that child’s photo all over the place a sin?  No, I don’t think so because I have no evidence to support that it is but it should now give you some pause.  Does trying to make this child a YouTube sensation so early in life make it a sin?  Again, I would have to say no but are you thinking more about it?  Maybe you should think about this too.  Maybe it’s not the exploitation of our kids regarding the actions but possibly the intent.  Next time you see a video or picture of a child, look closely at the caption.  Do you see the word “my” or any other possessive pronoun, anything that conveys ownership?  If you do then it should be easy to figure the intent.  Was it really for that child or was it more about you?


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