Comcast and Corporate America-Too Big to Dismantle-Not

You truly had to wonder when Major Corporation like Comcast and others would finally grow too big for their britches, well this maybe just the straw which breaks the camel’s back.

In an article titled “Unhappy Customer: Comcast Told My Employer about Complaint Got Me Fired” written by Chris Morran for, it speaks about “Conal began subscribing to Comcast service in early 2013 after he says he was sold a 9-month promotional pricing offer. But from the start, there were issues with his service, as he was being charged for set-top boxes that had yet to be activated. Additionally, someone at Comcast billing had misspelled Conal’s last name, meaning some of his bills were not being delivered.  He says he met with a Comcast rep in May 2013 about the billing issues and promised they would all be sorted out, but things only got worse.  He attempted to cancel his service in Oct. 2013 but says a Comcast rep convinced him that the billing issues would be resolved and that he would get free DVR service and The Movie Channel for three months as compensation.  But things didn't just continue as they had before; Comcast somehow managed to sink even lower than it had before, sending Conal about a dozen pieces of equipment that he didn't order.” 

Now I am sure that more people than I can identify with this customer as these same things have happened to us.  At first, Comcast makes you feel like that it is only you and even though you may know better, you still will walk away thinking that it is true.  Now you know for sure that it was not only you but this person and probably many more.  It is clear that this action by Comcast is nothing more than a very large company flexing its muscles over those who made them large and the very ones, who if they do not subscribe, those in charge would have to get a second job to make ends meet.  It is also a story about those spineless bosses or miss aligned supervisors who selfishly throw you under the bus by selling you out.  The sad part is that by doing this, they have now opened their companies up to having to fill a position that will cost them much more than what they will ever recover from Comcast.

Many of us have probably heard the old saying of life imitating art but I don’t many have ever seen business imitating Washington.  


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