Why Black on White Hate Crimes are no seen as such

Ran across this article titled “Former Marine Brutally Beaten as Revenge for Ferguson; Told Waffle House ‘Not Safe for Whites’; Race-Hustlers Silent” written by Jennifer Burke.  Was first lured to it because of the title former Marine and being one myself, had to try and find out more about what she was reporting that happened.  What I got out of the article was not that this is truly a hate crime but the constant ramblings of an ideological writer whose idea of reporting the news turned out to be nothing more than an opportunity to rant.

The article reported that “Now, it looks like we potentially have our first case of a vengeance based hate crime by individuals who targeted a white guy in the name of justice for Michael Brown.  Former U.S. Marine Ralph Weems, a 32 year old white male, was left with life-threatening injuries after being followed by a mob of 20 black men then beaten. Prior to the attack, Weems, who is a veteran of the Iraq and Afghanistan wars, entered the Waffle House in West Point, Mississippi. His friend, David Knighten, said that someone waved him over and told him the restaurant was not safe for whites because the black people inside were angry over the death of Michael Brown.”  Based on this and this alone, there is no doubt in my mind that this was a hate crime and should be prosecuted as such.  There is a thing as “Utterance” which can be used to prove a hate crime.  Plus the fact that the one person arrested will say that this was the primary motivation which is why Knighten was supposedly warned when he stepped into the Waffle House.

Why it is not being viewed and some wish to stay as far away from saying it is a hate crime, lies directly at the feet of reporters like Ms. Burke when she turns this whole national story into an opportunity to pad her status in the Seattle Tea Party and raise her speaking fees at those events.  Ms. Burke may have been justified to mention those that she did in her article for what she perceived as a lack of passionate enforcement of black on white hate crimes but she totally stepped all over it with the consistent mention showing her complete bias and disdain for President Obama, Eric Holder, Al Sharpton and anyone else who stepped up to demand justice for Michael Brown.  She damaged the opportunity to get justice for this Marine by revealing her real reason for even writing this story.  Ms. Burke may enjoy her time in the spotlight because of her ethnicity but this Marine and his friend deserved a much better presentation to help others rally to their side for justice.

With comments like “Al Sharpton has been leading the desire for vigilante justice in Ferguson, Missouri following the shooting death, still under investigation,  of Michael Brown by Officer Darren Wilson. The Obama regime has seemingly taken sides in the matter with Eric Holder relating to the community about his personal experiences as a black man while stating that they stand with the people of Ferguson”  I mean “vigilante justice”  that word was never issued by Al Sharpton and Ms. Burke you forgot the respect of reverent.  Words like “regime” means something totally different to Tea Party Activist than it does to reasonable people and should never be a word any professional uses to describe our government unless it is a quote from someone else.  To say that the Obama Administration and Eric Holder were wrong to recant their experiences as a black man and to stand with the people of Ferguson implies that they only stand with the black people of Ferguson and not the entire city. 

This is why so many go out of their way to avoid calling what happened to my fellow Marine and his friend what it really was a hate crime.  They do not wish to even be closely associated or shamed into seeing it as it really is because of the way it was presented.  So many black on white crimes are hate crimes but as long as individuals like Ms. Burke frames it as she did this article, very few who are harmed, injured or killed will ever get the justice that they, their families and this nation deserves.  If you are going to report it then do so but if all you wish to do is commentary and elevate your desires then please do not attempt to use others so you can seem larger. 

There were other things in the article that really caused the hairs to rise on the back of my neck.  Ms. Burke reports that “Twenty black men had followed Knighten and Weems from the Waffle House. While the police say surveillance cameras indicate there were fewer than those, it doesn't change the fact that these two men were beaten for the sole crime of being white.”  Now while she does have a point that the number of blacks does not matter, she failed to reduce the further reporting of the number based on fact from the surveillance cameras.  She also reports in her article that “Knighten said that he heard racial slurs coming from the mob. The Blaze reports that the AP has since removed those comments, but it was done so without any explanation.”  Maybe the explanation was the AP could not find anyone to confirm that statement and as the premier news agency that they are, they elected to avoid that pitfall all together.  A lesson that many of us who attempt to write and share news might wish to embrace.

My fellow Marine was assaulted by a group of people who targeted him and his friend because he was white.  That makes it a hate crime, in my book and it is imperative on all that we call it what it truly is and dispense justice appropriately.  This is all that should matter whether it is presented in a professional, selfless manner or not.  Give my fellow Marine and his friends the justice that all of us in their position deserve and especially the justice he has earned.


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