Cowardly Jihadis now uses their own Children to hide behind

In this era of people using religion to hide behind while they commit acts not recognized as decent and good by any Bible, I thought I could never be amazed at the lengths Satan would go but I learned today that I was wrong.

In an article titled “Jihadis take their kids to war; moms fight back” it is being reported that what “started out as a father-and-son trip to Kosovo's western mountains in July. It turned into a months-long ordeal for an 8-year-old boy who was taken to war-torn Syria by his jihadi father.”  It was further reported that “Extremists in Syria are apparently encouraging jihadis traveling to join them to bring children, intent upon proving they can establish an Islamic caliphate, compete with devout families. In addition to the fighters who sometimes bring their children, teenage girls and young women from Europe and elsewhere have been targeted for jihad and ultimately enlisted to help in babysitting, according to interviews with security officials and families.  Moroccan authorities on Wednesday detained a man traveling with his 2- and 4-year-old daughters to join the Islamic State group, the government said.”   

Now it may be okay if you decide to dedicate your life to Satan and wish to violate the very essence of the religious book you see as your guide to peace and eternal life but to subject a child to this is another matter.  This child who looks to you for proper guidance and security, this child who looks to you to keep them as far from harm as possible.  How in this world, can anyone consider themselves a parent of any kind and place the very treasures that are our children in a position where a missile strike knows no age or degree of innocence.  Only an extreme coward with no backbone would stoop so low as to hide their manhood behind the body of a child.

If there were any chance of finding even the slightest bit of compassion and humanity for those cowards, it has just gone up in smoke.  I will never be willing to remove my disdain for a weak, pathetic person such as this and because this is a sin that I shall be held responsible for.  It is a sin that I will gladly stand before my God and own because if it is one thing that I cannot stand is people using others to hide behind to do their dirt especially if that person is a child.


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