Supreme Court Arrogance, Citizen Compliancy and Political Selfishness Abolishes Voting Rights

Ever wonder how something so detrimental to the bounding of a nation could be so blatantly abused and dismissed that as a nation attempts to recover from years of neglect from its leaders, is wiped out and no one seems to notice or to care.  That a nation who owes so much to those who provided the ultimate sacrifice does not seem to care about the one item they all gave their lives for and continue to fight for to preserve.

This dismantling began with the Supreme Court’s decision in Shelby County vs Holder and continues to destroy the most vital, if not the most, important of rights that any American could ever hope to enjoy.  The Voting Rights Act is more than just a few words on paper, it is the life blood that curses through the veins of a nation and the birther of all other rights and privileges earned by simply being born in or naturalized to this country.

According to an article titled “Between the Lines of the Voting Rights Act Opinion” written by John Schwartz for The New York Times, “The decision in Shelby County v. Holder revolves around Section 4 of the Voting Rights Act, which establishes a "coverage formula" to determine which states and local governments fall under Section 5, and therefore need to get approval before changing their voting laws. The justices ruled that Section 4 is unconstitutional, and that the formula used for decades — revised and extended several times by Congress — can no longer be used to establish those "preclearance" requirements: "The conditions that originally justified these measures no longer characterize voting in the covered jurisdictions."

This opinion was written by a man who never had to face not being able to vote at any time in his life.  This decision was written by a man who shows never serving for the cause of defending the rights and privileges of all Americans.  Saying that these safeguards are no longer necessary proves that he either knew he was opening the door for the very thing that these safeguards were placed to protect and seal or is not as foreseeing as fellow classmates and even congress thought he possessed.  The arrogance of a man who has never had to face the evil and degradation of refusing to be allowed to vote to say that these locks were unnecessary is fault one of why a vital thread which holds together a nation evaporates.

The above mentioned article also reports that in Justice Clarence Thomas’ concurring opinion, he states “that the majority opinion does not go far enough. Not only would he have struck down Section 4 of the act and its formula for determining which states deserve strong oversight, he would have eliminated Section 5 entirely and its requirement that some state and local governments still get clearance for any changes in voting law before putting them into practice.”  Now one has to ask themselves that this opinion comes from a man who was born with family who were slaves and until age eleven or so did not know what indoor plumbing and running water was.  Does he think that just because he was fortunate enough to escape that lifestyle that the avenue to escape is clearly present for others today?  Is the arrogance so over-whelming that one cannot reasonable see that the plight endured during those times still clearly exists today?   Just why do you think that so many states has moved to restrict the right to vote if those safeguards are no longer needed and how many man-made bodies of defenders rioting in the grave, died thinking that their sacrifice would be honored and this right protected?

But I cannot, in good conscientious, just blame the Supreme Court for this dismantling, a great portion has to be directed to those voters who keep recycling the same old tired politicians claiming to care but proving, once in office, that they don’t nor care.  Citizen complacency has become the key to this dismantling.  Why go out of your way to make sure that the glue which holds this nation together is indeed performing its task when those who send you to office don’t care enough to even find out about who they are sending.  We enter the voting booth and choose the name which is most familiar and feel as that is the limit to the exercising of this right, wrong.  Our complacency has opened the way to big money getting into our politics and those who claim to be patriotic, using their positions to do more damage to this nation than good.  It’s the complacency of the public that leads to the dismantling of an institution that serves as one of the main pillars of society.  The public, whose task it is to help those who sacrifice their lives, to protect such an important right.  The public who see this as mostly a misapplication of their valuable time because they feel that no man or woman would be simple enough to try and dismantle such an important thing as the right to vote, wrong.

And finally we come to the third and final cause of this nation going to hell in a hand basket.  Politicians promise and many even go as far as to compare their love for this nation to win, yet these same defenders of the less fortunate walks into that taxpayer paid for office and as if by magic, forget all about those promises.  They stop looking to defend the less fortunate and begin to seek routes to increase only their fortunes.  They go along with the premises that they are saving this country from itself but who are saving this nation from them.  They speak of having courage but none exhibits not even the slightest courage when it comes to others ripping apart the very fabric of the nation they claim to love.

Bottom line people, either get on board with those who wish to dismantle this nation from within or get a clue and start helping our military protect this nation from enemies both foreign and domestic.  Let them take away your voting rights in any state and widen the door for them to rise to the removal of other rights.  Some conservatives warn that ISIL is at our borders but one can argue that ISIL like-minded people are already here.  We seek to stiffen our borders to keep our America destroyers out but no one says what we should do about those who are already positioned in American companies, the public and government that are already here.  Thinking that dismantling voting rights is a good thing should be a clear and present danger.  


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