Residents of Ferguson needs to be careful with the Call for Recall

Residents and leaders of Ferguson, Missouri as well as many well-respected journalist are off on a path pushing and beginning to start a recall for their city council.  The argument is that with 68% of residents being African-American and the city council not is representative of that means change is coming.  It is a very good idea but there is also something that they may need to consider.

I call your attention to the City of Detroit who sends quite a few African-Americans to the city council and it changed nothing.  The situation became worse and now the city is bankrupted. 
Putting African-American in office does not solve the problem if those elected are not strong enough to fall into the same selfish hole that those who currently occupy that position now finds themselves in.  If you elect a person who pretends to care when it is only their intention to better themselves, then you are electing to keep your city buried under the same blanket.

Before beginning recalls, the residents and leaders of Ferguson need first to figure out the policies and rules that they need to repeal or enact.  They need to look at each and every possible scenario regarding these new rules and policies to see which way they truly need to go.  Once that has been accomplished then the voters need to make sure that they know the rules and policies that these new electors are supposed to foster in and keep their feet to the fire to make sure that they do.

This will change Ferguson but having the same thing being done by different people only does nothing.


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