Christians, How Great Thou Not

A couple of things here that I would like to discuss.  The first being our fixation with developing a definition and refusing to modify or amend that definition even if presented with a decent reason to do so.  Our love for opposition, controversy and discord instead of our strong desire to solve our problems, compromise on issues and respect the rights of another.

The first thing I wish to discuss is my detection of a trend here that when you talk compassion, people automatically assume you are talking leniency or allowing those who offend to get off scot-free. I think it is time that all of us re-define what it means to be compassionate.  Allowance of anyone to remain blameless in any situation where it is clear that they made the choice to be in that situation is not compassion, it's stupid and no lesson can be learned from that.  You can hold anyone and everyone responsible for their actions while realizing what caused them to violate.  Understanding is compassion and that is all we have an obligation to do.  Failing to see why, keeps us repeating the same steps again and again but using the knowledge we obtain through understanding, we can then began to heal all that ills.  No mechanic can fix a car until they actually know what's wrong with it. To try and understand is compassion but to consistently hammer people over the head using the same mistake as the hammer is not and it glorifies no one and damages us all.

The second thing I wish to discuss is our ideas about what a real Christian is.  Many of us have our own ideas and honestly no one is in any position to argue right or wrong.  The only position that we are in a position to have is whether we disagree or not.  From that position, we are free to give our reasons for standing on one side of the issue or the other but make no mistake and assume that just because the majority sides with you, that makes you right because come the day that we all should fear, there will only be one standing next to you and if your actions has done something to damage your relationship with him, hang it in the wall locker my friend, you’re done.

What is a real Christian?  A real Christian is anyone who believes that Jesus did rise from the grave, that he is lord and you believe in him with all your mind, body and soul.  A real Christian is anyone who treats others as he or she would like to be treated.  Those are the definition of a real Christian and no man or woman will ever be able to define her or him in any other way.  This is the only definition you need to heed, use and strive to match.  The others are personal beliefs that will not gain you access into heaven period.  Feel free to debate what you think the actions of an individual should be and feel free to defend that position but make no mistake in assuming that because you feel that way, it is the way we all should be feeling because we are not all alike.  We are all God’s children and we were all made in his image but God gave us the ability to reason and think for ourselves.  The Bible tells us that your truth may not be my truth but we are all entitled to that truth.  Who do you think you are to try and take that away from anyone?


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