Quinn delivers more jobs, now isn’t that what this mid-term election is all about?

Some people are still wondering just what this election is all about.  Many do not see the advantages that they have because for some reason the nation as a whole recovering does not appeal to them as much as how they are recovering.  For some it’s like a slap in the face that when this economy was going over the edge, we all felt it in our hearts and we all reached out to do our part to keep it from going completely over.  Now that it is doing better and even better than those who knew even thought it would, America is still broiled in this confusion of wrong direction or right direction. 

People please remember we are not supposed to nor are we designed to agree with every decision made by those we hired to govern but to not embrace the wins as much as we choose to acknowledge the loses is ludicrous.  This mid-term is much more important than many wish us to see.  It is the difference between where we were and where we are.  It is the difference between working together of continually tearing this nation apart.  We claim to love this country yet we are not doing all we can for it and seem to only be asking what the nation has done for us.

Take for example this local article by WREX TV in which it reports that “Amazon.com Inc. has announced plans to create full-time jobs and $75 million in investments when it opens its first facility in Illinois next year.  The announcement was made Tuesday by Gov. Pat Quinn, Sen. Dick Durbin and Amazon's Paul Misener, vice president, global public policy. Full-time jobs will be available next year and Amazon plans to reach at least 1,000 jobs in 2017.”   Now I personally have reported about articles like these that have been written just for my city of Rockford, Illinois but still the national media makes it sound like nothing has been happening since the debacle on Wall Street just a few years ago.

People who will not face a challenge to their getting to the polls seem not to concern themselves while many who wish to have the opportunity may not if those who wish to take away that right is successful.  Those who do not fight to vote and those who choose to stay home will determine if this nation moves forward to a new era of compromise and problem solving or will it stay marred in the muck of division.  The choice is simple and it is clear but the choice is not up to the millions of dollars that pour into any state, it is up to that single voter who may often think that the right to vote does not count.  


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