Ebola Infections Proves Hospital lack of Leadership and nothing more.

Throughout the years since the creation of this nation, America has learned by trial and error.  It is something that many of us today without even thinking about it and unless we begin to make changes to this, we shall continue to learn that way. 

What I mean is simple, it took a severe case of polio to infect those on this shore and many died before we created a cure and learned how to deal with it.  This is the same case here dealing with Ebola.  America felt no need to prepare for Ebola when it was first discovered because it was not happening here so we ignored it and underestimated it until that day in Dallas when Mr. Duncan came to visit and make marriage plans with his fiancée.   The Texas Hospital had no earthly idea what it was dealing with and only after the CDC entered the picture did they began to get a real clue of what they had.  Mr. Duncan died a hero because the things that they did wrong in his case will be the guidelines used to insure that it may never happen again.  The infections that occurred after his death are occurring because we need to learn that there is a protocol which must be followed and should always be followed when you have an infectious person enter any medical facility.

The fact that now this same Texas Hospital is down more than 70 people in their staff is the fault of none other than leadership simply because once you learned what you had, it was incumbent upon you to protect your staff.  There was no quarantine of Mr. Duncan at that time, nor was no limit placed on the personnel from his care until they were properly trained.  The hospital leadership allowed their staff to operate as usual instead of doing all that they were hired to do for all those they are blessed to hold authority over.

Now come the pure evils that refuse to see the big picture and all that they can do are point fingers.  These consistent finger pointers never provide a solution for the problem they only cheer lead to support those who wish to just blame and not get into the game.   Just listen to a few taken from an article titled “Media, politicians stoke Ebola freakout” by Ned Resmikoff.  In it he reports that “On Thursday, shortly before a House hearing on the U.S. government’s response to the Ebola crisis, a number of Republican members of Congress insisted that the government institute new travel restrictions to stem the tide.”  A travel ban, really, as educated as you are this is the best you could come up with?  How sad is that and how proud must those who voted you into office must be to see their representative choosing to withdraw from the world or take their ball and run home instead of embracing the fact that we are a part of this universe and when one country is struggling, America isolate itself from them, the effects of that struggle will find its way to our shores.  Those who can see this looks at the world as a whole and says, let’s stop the virus in its tracks.  Imagine what we would be talking about now had we not tried it the way of isolation back when this disease was first discovered and dealt with it like we are now?   

That same Texas Hospital now has a chance to correct its mistake and grab the reigns of leadership but if it continues to operate as it has been, then fault of that health care system does not only fall on management of the hospital but also upon the shareholders who elected that administration as well.  When looking for someone to blame the best first step is to check you.


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